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Easter Hats

I accompanied Alan to his church, the United Methodists, this morning for the Easter service. I'm a long lapsed christian, but I love his church community and their pastor, Reverend, Kim.

A number of women were wearing Easter bonnets, and they looked wonderful:

I particularly liked Chris's hat, on the far left. She'd adorned a baseball cap, her usual head wear, with all sorts of artificial flowers sewn on:

Now that's a great example of creativity at work. Chris starts with what's right for her, the baseball cap, and then thinks and acts in an imaginative and playful way.

Joan was wearing the most elegant hat, and again, it suits her perfectly:

Isn't she beautiful? I would look ridiculous in such a magnificent hat, but Joan is stunning.

As someone who values creativity, I admire other people's imaginative work and I'm inspired by work that I hadn't considered. I love these Easter hats!

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