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I’ve made quilts for thirty years, gradually moving from commercial fabrics and other people’s patterns to designing my own quilts constructed from fabrics I’ve hand-dyed and printed.  These quilts, or “text(ile)s” combine my two great loves: fabric and language. Writing on the fabric was an important part of each quilt.


All the fabrics in these quilts began as white 100% cotton which I then dyed, over-dyed, discharged,  and printed. I use the following techniques:

·                       Dyeing, overdyeing and shibori with Procion MX dyes

·                       Screen printing, thermofaxing, and stamp printing, mostly using thickened dyes, and occasionally using

                        fabric paints. I make most of my own screens and stamps.

·                       Discharging

·                       Applique

·                       Fabric pens

·                       Beading

·                       Gel plate printing

I take my finished quilt tops to a professional machine quilter, and then often hand sew and embelish them after they've been quilted.

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