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Journal Quilts: The Micro Series


In November 2011, before my diagnosis, I decided to make one 8" x 8" block of my hand- dyed fabric every day, and then write on it – a fabric journal.  It was a way to prepare for my upcoming sabbatical by getting into the daily routine of doing cloth work.  With my breast cancer diagnosis, the daily squares became a way to document what was happening to me. There are nine journal quilts in all, adding up to 360 days, almost one year. Each completed quilt is 5 blocks across, 8 rows down, 40 total blocks, a metaphorical reference to 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.


These nine quilts tell the story of 360 days, one year, from diagnosis to healing. 

Journal Quilt 1

Journal Quilt 2

Journal Quilt 3

Journal Quilt 4

Journal Quilt 5

Journal Quilt 6

Journal Quilt 7

Journal Quilt 8

Journal Quilt 9

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