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Autumn Leaves


Leaves are one of my favorite themes. You'll see them in many of my quilts. All the fabrics in this wall hanging are hand-dyed. The leaves are appliqued.



This is a queen-sized quilt. Al the fabrics are hand-dyed. The leaves are printed and discharged.

Demo Quilt

This little quilt demonstrates dyeing, discharge and printing for my students. I show them the fabric as it goes through the various stages (see the right hand side), and then the finished quilt, on the left.

Maho Bay

This wall hanging honors Maho Bay on St. John's Island in the Carribean, an eco-camp we visited for many years. The water there is every shade of blue, the sandy beach is yellow, and the trees drop the brown leaves. I've sewn on shells I picked up on the beach as well as hanging them from the bottom of the quilt.

Western Trees

I printed different Western tree branches on the fabric, and then decorated this wall hanging with samples of different  dyed fabrics, attaching them with hand-made "buttons."

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