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The Flaming Lips

Yes, I went to the Flaming Lips concert in Ogden last night.

No, I'm not familiar with their music.

Yes, I had a great time.

There were a lot of us. The amphitheater was packed, and it was great fun to see all the people having a good time. The crowd was friendly and courteous; I enjoyed watching them as much as the band.

At the risk of offending Flaming Lips fans, I found the show they put on more interesting than the music they played. Wayne Coyne, the vocalist, rides round the arena on a plastic pony, wearing inflatable wings, throws balloons into the crowd, peppers us with confetti, and sings in front of a huge inflated pink robot. My favorite moment was when Coyne sang David Bowie's "Major Tom" inside a see through bubble that rolled through the crowd:

It was a circus, and the crowd was really into it. I'm impressed that Ogden put on such a fun event, that so many of us turned up for the concert, and that we were friendly and well behaved. Good for us.

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