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Creating order

Yesterday, with Alan's help, I brought home all the pottery I've made this semester. There's a lot: Here are some of the boxes, piled up on my kitchen island. And yes, the big yellow bowl in front is one of the 5 pounders I wrote about a few weeks ago. Now what?

Well, first I took photos of everything at the studio. Stephen, my teacher, had set up a backdrop which made the job easy.

Then I created a new page on my website, titled "New Work," and I loaded pictures of some of the more interesting and successful pieces. There are plenty of duds, too, but you don't get to see those.

The "New Work" page helps me feel that I've documented the best of the work, and at the same time, I figured out how to edit my website all on my own. A "duh" for most people, I'm sure, but a big accomplishment for a non-techie like me.

Take a look at the new pottery:

I may sell some of it, but mostly I'll give the work away. I love thinking that my work is on display and/or being used by all sorts of people, most of whom I know, and some that I don't.

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