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The creativity of friends

I turn 66 tomorrow, Earth Day, and three of my friends gathered for a birthday brunch. Our hostess always puts together a beautiful and delicious table of food; I feel special when I eat at her home. We had a combination of Indian and vegan food, fresh fruit, and the best home made guacamole I've ever tasted. We had our choice of teas and sparkling blood orange water for the toasts. The hostess set the scene for a warm and nurturing gathering.

I felt especially blessed because she put out napkins her mother had embroidered, so I was the recipient of two generations of beautiful hand work, with a needle and in the kitchen.

My three friends gave me thoughtfully chosen gifts that reflect who I am and what I love: a balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixing set, a hand stitched vest, and a vegan cookbook, all beautifully wrapped. I felt cherished and celebrated.

I'm not sure my friends would view themselves as particularly creative, but for me, the whole party was an expression of creativity: thoughtful and loving celebrations of life. I am grateful to reach 66 and to have such good friends.

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