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Community Food Bank

Once a month, Alan and I fill boxes of groceries at the local community food bank which we then deliver to home bound people who qualify for this service. Over the years, we've taken food to eight single women who live in the Ogden area. At our peek, we delivered to six people each time, but we're down to three at the moment. One lady died, another moved to Salt Lake City, two have gone into residential care, and one recovered from a broken ankle so she was mobile once more.

This is what the back of our car looks like loaded with grocery boxes:

Sometimes, we carry the boxes into the house and help the recipient unpack. I'm often surprised to see cupboards already stacked with cans, and a full fridge. We used to ask ourselves if we were actually making a difference when there seemed to be food in the house already. But we learned that it was not our job to ask about the worthiness of the recipient, and it was certainly not for us to make a judgement one way or another when we knew so little about these people's lives.

After we've delivered the boxes, we go to breakfast. It's fun to pack and deliver the food together, and it's a date to eat breakfast out. We benefit from doing this regardless of how useful the food is to our ladies.

In the end, though, I think that feeding people is always worth doing.

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