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Is folding clean laundry creative?

This morning, I was hurrying to get to the pottery studio where I do "creative work," when I remembered I had a load of laundry to rescue from the dryer and fold. Darn! And then I thought, can folding laundry count as a creative activity? Here's the pile of clean stuff on my bed:

As I folded it, I thought, well the first step is to slow down and be present with the laundry. That's essential for my pottery and textile work, and usually happens naturally. I'm not thinking of what I need to do later or something that happened yesterday; I'm focused on this challenging activity now. Laundry isn't exactly challenging, but I could at least be present in the folding. By doing that, I found that I thought about each item, when I'd worn it and what I was doing. And I felt gratitude for the washing machine that makes it so easy to convert soiled clothes and towels into clean, sweet smelling, read to use again things.

One of the main purposes of art, for me, is to make sense of the world. How do we express our thoughts and feelings about the world as we experience it? It may be a bit of a stretch, but folding laundry makes sense, in a small way, of my world. I bring order to this jumble in a way that makes the things useful to me. What do you think? Can folding laundry be a creative act?

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