Teaching and Courses

In Spring 2016, I'll be teaching these two classes:   


Honors CA 2020: Text and Textiles: Exploring Cre ativity(3 Gen Ed credits)

MENG 6610: Alternative Autobiographies (3 graduate credits) 


The links above will show you the syllabus. You can buy the course packet and text books in the WSU bookstore.


Teaching Philosophy

I aim to help students become more competent as readers, writers and thinkers, as well as more confident as people. I do this by providing a thorough grounding in the course material in my classes and at the same time helping students reach their educational and life goals.

My starting point is always the students. I assume they are responsible, thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive people with as busy lives as my own, and I aim to treat them as such.  My focus on students as real people whom I honor and respect means that my teaching style is student-based and interactive, rather than lecturing. I believe the best learning takes place when students claim their education by actively entering into it.

An effective learning community is an exciting place to work. As well as experiencing the satisfaction of working hard and well, I hope my students also enjoy each class I teach. I want the class to be fun for me and for them.

In the end, however, I aim to make myself redundant by teaching students to read, write, and think effectively and independently enough that they no longer need me as an intermediary guide.